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Don't panic – tech will fix it!

Even before the dragon appeared, carbon technology was on the rise. Many businesses specialized in carbon capturing, storing, and offsetting. With the rise of the dragon, the industry peaked. Demand was high, and cutting-edge research managed to combine nanotechnology with emission capturing.

Wizards exploring.jpg

A team of Carbon Wizards explores an abandoned mine


Dense carbon items as a byproduct of the innovative capturing process

However, this promising development came with a dark twist: some wizards supported dragon-upsetting forces to keep their business relevant. They weren’t aiming for clean air; they were aiming for a carbon cycle—and not a natural one.


They collaborated with heavy industries to capture, store, and offset carbon emissions, but only if the industries kept producing enough greenhouse gas emissions to capture, creating another vicious feedback loop. 

2 Crabon Wizards.jpg

Carbon Wizards setting up nano tube based capturing antennas inspired by plants 

After the rise of the dragon, when the colossal machines became useless and the fossil industry lost their power, the dark wizards, too, faced the end of their game. Only the ones that were able to filter without heavy energy consumption and adapt their technology to mitigate their peers’ failed geo-engineering attempts could continue their mission.  

Dramatig dragon.jpg

Nano Carbon Ltd. has been working with biomimicry to develop their patented nano tubes

They were called carbon wizards, and they extracted the dragon’s emissions from the air. But even the swiftest ones could feel the consequences of deforestation and saturated oceans. It was becoming harder to store and transform the captured carbon. This was also the time when the founders of Nano Carbon Ltd. managed to use the nano scale to condense CO2 into tiny carbon items that could be stored easily. They even managed to adapt their process to catch methane and sulfur dioxide after the big fuck up.

Years after this revolutionary discovery, the former CFO of Nano Carbon Ltd. stood in front of a massive pile of tiny diamonds and wondered what to do with it.


She sipped her cup of flavoured sparkling water and enjoyed her moment of silence. After she banished Rubi, the former head of innovation, into the basement, she finally had time to reflect on Nano Carbon Ltd.’s new purpose. 

Carbon Wizard having a break.jpg

Even the busiest wizard needs a break

What do you think is important to the carbon wizards? 
How could a typical day look like? 
What is their currency
How are conflicts being resolved?

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