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Dreamy co-speculation

An inductive approach to futures thinking

Unlike classic, deductive scenario-building workshops, we started from the value dimension, looked inwards, and worked with storytelling before looking at signals, trends, and systems. We extrapolated from future people’s daily lives to the broader societal dimension, which made the narrative tangible and emotionally experiential. 

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Flow and methods

The magic happens between the main exercises. Make sure to create a unique mood and setting to enable deep immersion. We have been working with meditation and speculative ethnography to stimulate participants' imagination.

Geometric Objects

Jumping boards

Prepare trigger scenarios based on weak signals and values. We used the archetypes and their story worlds for this purpose.


Collectively discuss and, extrapolate from micro to macro, from individual to societal dimensions. 

Illustrated Man

Immersion + reflection

Help participants  immerse themselves individually into the fictional futures. What roles would they play in this world?


Reflect on what needs to happen to make your fictional future a reality.

Paper Art

Story Caroussel

Use a rotation principle to build on each other’s work, share ownership and reduce ego induced behaviours. (Inspired by Cadavre Exquis, Round Robbin, Speculative Stories) 


Look out for signals that indicate trajectories towards your fictional future.

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